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Night at the Museum

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Final Research: Filling in the gaps


FINAL STEP:  Create a Newspaper Template


  1. Use this link HERE --> https://drive.google.com/a/voorheesville.org/templates?view=domain 
  2. WAIT! Change the name of the document to your group culture and group member names --> Example: Inca - Chaize, Glisson, Menetti, Vachula
  3. Customize the template BUT make sure you have 4 articles - 3 informational, 1 persuasive -->  Disaster, Culture, Artifact, Save My Culture
    • Newspaper should be:
      • Complete sentences, accurate spelling, well-written
      • Include good facts and details that will inform your reader
      • Images must have a caption 
      • Complete Works Cited at the end  



Resources for all cultures




Natural disasters 





Human Origins


Hall of Mexico & Central America


Hall of African Peoples
Gardner D. Stout Hall of Asian Peoples
Hall of Eastern Woodland Indians


Anne Bernard Spitzer Hall of Human Origins
Hall of Northwest Coast Indians

Margaret Mead Hall of Pacific Peoples
Hall of Plains Indians

Hall of South American Peoples







Day 3:


Select artifacts as a group




Day 2:


Everyone is doing PRE-SEARCH today!  Learn more about your culture, look at some artifacts to select 3 or start understanding how your event could occur.  Don't worry about taking notes today - just start learning!


Culture Researcher



Artifact Researcher




Natural Disaster or Astrological Event Researcher




Day 1:


Look here to select one of the following civilization:.

Cultures for Study


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