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Persuasive Writing Unit

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STEP 1:  I'm using a topic from Mrs. George.


  • Are you selecting a topic from this list?
    • Find your topic.  


  • Please read the article first. 
    • Do you still like the topic?


  1. Are athletes overpaid?  CLICK HERE 
  2. Should water bottles be banned? CHECK GOOGLE CLASSROOM
  3. Are zoos good or bad?  CHECK GOOGLE CLASSROOM
  4. Should middle schools do away with homework? CHECK GOOGLE CLASSROOM
  5. Should you be graded for participation?  CLICK HERE 



STEP 2:  I'm using my own topic.


  • Remember, keep your search terms simple.  Don't ask a question or a sentence - keywords only!  


  • Use the resources in order. 
    • Is your topic a question/issue that CAN be researched?  
    • Are there too many words you don't understand?
    • Is this article discussing too many things I am unfamiliar with? 


  • Did you find your article?  Next step.
    • Find your article
    • Save your article to Google Drive
    • Find your article in Google Drive. 
    • Add your name to the top of the article.


Step 1:  

 Kids InfoBits

Password: blackbird1 

Step 2:

Gale in Context: Middle School

Password: blackbird1

Step 3:

Research Rocket

Username:  vcs

Password:   vcs


STEP 3:  Having a hard time finding an article on your topic?


    • Is your topic a question/issue that CAN be researched?
    • Do you need to change the keywords you are using to find an article?
    • Did you look in all 3 sources?
    • Maybe you need to change your topic.  Email Mrs. George or Ms. Menetti to check in. 



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