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International Foods - Report 2

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Which countries are there?


Latin America








*Costa Rica


*El Salvador














*Antigua & Barbuda




*Cayman Islands


*Dominican Republic






*Puerto Rico

*Saint Barthelemy

*St. Kitts & Nevis

*St. Lucia

*St. Vincent & the Grenadines

*Trinidad & Tobago

*Turks & Caicos Islands

*Virgin Islands











*Cote d'Ivoire





















*Sierra Leone


*South Africa


*South Sudan







Southwest Asia (Middle East)















*Saudi Arabia



*United Arab Emirates



South Asia 








*Sri Lanka

Eastern Asia 



*Hong Kong



*North Korea

*South Korea

Australia & Oceania


*American Samoa



*French Polynesia


*Marshall Islands


*New Caledonia

*New Zealand 


*Northern Mariana Islands


*Papua New Guinea



*Solomon Islands






What do I need information on?

  1. Map of the region
  2. Detailed map of the country
  3. Geography of the country and how that relates to the foods eaten there
  4. Lifestyle of the people of that country
  5. Traditions and holidays, include the dates and meaning of each holiday and how they celebrate it
  6. Food preferences and meal patterns
  7. General information on the political structure
  8. Pictures of the country
  9. Information on music, traditional dress, decorative arts
  10. WORKS CITED!!! 



General Search Resources:


Gale Virtual Reference Library 

Password: blackbird1

Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia

Username: nystate398 Password: novelhome

Student Resources in Context Password: blackbird1



Culture Report Database Resources:


Encyclopedia of Food and Culture 2013 

Password: blackbird1


Junior Worldmark Encyclopedia of World Holidays 2000

Password: blackbird1


Worldmark Encyclopedia of Cultures and Daily Life 2009

Password: blackbird1


Global Issues in Context

Password: blackbird1

*Use the "World Map" tab to narrow down your search by country. When you have selected your country click on the pin for a more detailed description of the country with fast facts listed on the right side of the page. You can also use the "Browse Issues and Topics" tab for other search topics related to food.



Culture Report Web Resources:





Latin America Network Information Center




Portal Oceania


Around the World in 80 Dishes


Good Food


Cooking.com (click By Cuisine)





World Food Wine


The Congo Cookbook


The African Cookbook


Recipes of Asia






Guide to Australia: Culture




Holidays and Observances Around the World




General Maps




10 Music Styles from Around the World


Music from Around the World






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