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Global 2 Holocaust

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General Database Sources:


World History - Modern Era

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Gale Virtual Reference Library

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Student Resources In Context

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Opposing Viewpoints in Context

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General Overview


A to F H to N O to Z

Anti-semitism & Genocide


Book Burning


Children and the Holocaust


Concentration Camps 


The Einsatzgruppen: Before the Gas


Elie Wiesel's life since the Holocaust


Fighting Back: The Warsaw, Sobibor, and Auschwitz Uprisings; Resistance movements and camp/ghetto uprisings


Final Solution and its architects




Hitler's childhood, education, aspirations, and wartime experience


Hitler's rise to power and downfall


Hitler Youth


Holocaust Art and Poetry


Holocaust denial


Kristallnacht and other pogroms




The Master Race


Nazi Olympics Berlin 1936


Nazi propaganda: posters, films, speeches, media


Nazi war criminals


"Other", non-Jewish groups persecuted in the Holocaust (gypsies, homosexuals, Polish Catholics, black Europeans, Jehovah's Witnesses or any other sub-group you might find)


Rescuers (including soldiers), liberators, and "Righteous Gentiles"




SS (all branches) and the Gestapo 


Survivors and their stories


War Profits: companies, contributions & profits (those that helped to "engineer" the Holocaust and profit from it)


The White Rose




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