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English 10H Levy

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Step 1: Check Destiny - the library catalog 


  • How do I use it? - KEYWORD search on your topic (i.e. Charles Dickens, Victorian era)
    • Stay broad with your topic in a search (i.e. poverty in the Victorian time period)
    • Check our library FIRST (many titles will be on reserve with Mrs. Levy)
    • Then widen your search to Capital Region BOCES School Library System


  • Still nothing? - check a wider range of schools, public libraries, and colleges


Step 2: Databases 


  • Tips to remember:
    • Keep the search simple
    • Use Advanced search techniques - wrapping a phrase in quotations keeps the search as a phrase "Patriot Act" instead of Patriot and Act (works on Google, too!) 
  • Do the same search in multiple places - if 1 database doesn't have anything, go to the next
  • Be observant - use the database tools (narrow search; subject headings; item type) 
  • Check your information - (are the articles saying the same thing over and over again? you need to expand the resources you are looking in!) 


General Resources for Everyone: Databases for Viewpoints Databases for  Periodicals and Newspapers: 
Databases for Literary Articles:

Still no luck?  Try these Databases: 

















  • Still having a hard time?  Ask or email Ms. Menetti, she has access to other resources!



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