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STEP 1:  Use guided links below with Key Terms to find articles related to your proposal --> Focus on NEWS or MAGAZINES whenever possible


STEP 2:  Use databases below:


STEP 3:  Still no luck?  Check with Mrs. Glisson or Mrs. Lindsay for next steps BEFORE moving to the web.


1. Students should have more opportunities for field trips throughout the year. 


KEY TERMS:  School field trips

2. The start time of schools should be later. 


KEY TERMS: School start time 

3.  The school curriculum should include elective courses on cyber bullying and social media. 


KEY TERMS: Digital citizenship, Cyber bullying, School safety, Social media and school 

4. The school should provide more mental health resources to students. 


KEY TERMS: Mental health and childhood; Mental health and teens

5. The school should offer more online or enrichment courses to provide students with more variety in their schedules. 


KEY TERMS: Online education, Technology and school 

6.   The school should have a no homework policy.


KEY TERMS: Homework  

7. The school should invest more money into technology infrastructure and resources (i.e. laptops, wifi, labs, programs, etc.). 


KEY TERMS: Technology and education, Educational technology  

8. The school should provide free lunch to all students. 


KEY TERMS: Free school lunch, School lunch program, Lunch and schools 

9. The school should budget more money towards higher security measures to increase school safety (student resource officer, etc.).


KEY TERMS: School safety, School violence 

10. The school should invest money into creating energy efficient and environmentally friendly materials. 


KEY TERMS: Green schools, Schools and energy efficiency, Schools and solar energy, Green buildings